What I did this week…




Dental Offices. Luckily, I’ve always appreciated the world of medical design. I tried to find a modern slant, while making it seem friendly, and incorporating the clients product colors.


Resume posted under the “EXPERIENCES” tab.

The cheese stands alone….

Over the summer, I was commissioned to create a music video by the great electronic musician Luna-C of SmartE’s fame. Of course I jumped at the chance, the original version of this track being a raving classic, and the ability to kinda let loose and make something a little strange was hard to pass up. Shot over a weekend, and edited/effected over the next couple months, I present to you, viewers, Luna-C – Success ‘N’ Mistreet

VFX Reel

Ive always had a passion for compositing, the challenge of fitting all the pieces of the puzzle together, to make a shot seamless. I was lucky enough to be PermaLance at Radar in Chicago, and able to do some really great work. Here is my reel from that time.

Please see video post above.


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