New Reel 2011

My new(updated) VFX/Editorial Reel from my time as a Flame Artist/Online Editor at Chicago-based production/post production house, Radar.

Photon Dynamo and The Shiny Pieces


Video I shot, co-directed, and edited for Brooklyn Band, “Photon Dynamo and The Shiny Pieces”

A nice slice of Brooklyn Moped Culture. Also, gratuitous violence.


Of Ovens and Vacuums.




So after a gruling shoot week, I have finally recovered. Slept, viced, and even enjoyed a little of the sun we got here in the northeast. Here are the rest of the shoot photos I was able to snap. Enjoy.

Day 2.


Time/Life’s Guide to Kitchens and Bathrooms


Well, maybe not bathrooms, but my friendly Time/Life operator Angela, tells me this will be something by Monday. Namely a kitchen for Carrabas Italian Grill. Here’s to suburban eats…

VFX Reel

Ive always had a passion for compositing, the challenge of fitting all the pieces of the puzzle together, to make a shot seamless. I was lucky enough to be PermaLance at Radar in Chicago, and able to do some really great work. Here is my reel from that time.

Please see video post above.